Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally! --- 1st Birthday Pictures

Alex's birthday wasn't just a party for him, but a celebration of his life - past, present, and future. I know there are lots of pictures, but believe me, they are all worth the smile it will bring to your face.

He was so anxious to start the party he decided to open a present to get Mom's attention!

This is just one of the many new toys he got, so many that I couldn't show them all.

He really got into opening his presents.

Alex's Birthday cakes! One just for him to dig into and the other for him to share with his family! Thank You Aunt Karen for the cutest cakes ever!!!

Alex looks like he's not interested in his cake....

We started like this...

And ended up with this!!

All cleaned up and ready to play with my cousin.

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Grandma Ann said...

Kirk and Jessica,
Our little guy is such a cutey. I can't even believe how much I love little Alex. Like you said, He has brought so much love and joy to our family. Through his trials and the other trials our family has gone through, we are a closer family because of them.
I love you, the boys and Laci,