Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alex 2 Year Transplant Anniversary

Sunday was Alex's 2 Year Heart Transplant Anniversary. I can't believe it has been 2 years. Where has the time gone? Two years ago my sweet little boy receive his gift of life, and he has not wasted a minute of it. He may only be 2 years old but he lives it to the fullest. Alex is full of life and energy and is always laughing and smiling.

Alex -- Mommy loves you so much. You surprise me everyday with the new things you are learning and how much you enjoy life. We feel so blessed that you were given a new perfect heart that has allowed you to become the little man you have.

Along with celebrating Alex's Heart Anniversary, we also celebrated Alex's big brother Drew's Birthday. After we enjoyed Aunt Karen's wonderful, cute cakes (Thank you Aunt Karen -- they were yummy!) we headed outside to play and take turns swinging at the pinata. Below are a couple of pictures from Sunday night playing outside.

Alex up to bat! Daddy watching Alex go down the slide.
Alex is ready to play ball!
Alex goes in tomorrow morning for his 2 year post-transplant cath. Please pray with us that everything goes smoothly and his biopsy results come back with zero rejection.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What Has Alex Been Up To Since April?

It's a good thing I didn't make being better at blogging my official New Year's Resolution, because I would have failed miserably. We have been busy since the last post. Easter came and went. We went on a mini-vacation to St. George. And more recently we took a family vacation to Disneyland! Disneyland will be in a separate post ... so stay tuned for that.

EASTER April 3, 2010:
Alex's dad thought it would be super fun to have Easter Brunch at the Grand America Hotel. I don't think Alex knew what was going on, but he seemed to have tons of fun.

Alex's plate of food. Of course the only thing he really ate was the fruit. I'm glad he likes eating it, but it doesn't help him gain the weight.

Opening a present from Grandma!

When we got home it was time to find Easter eggs. Alex wanted nothing to do with it. This is him throwing a tantrum over me trying to get him to take his Easter basket. I couldn't resist taking the picture with the lip sticking out!

He finally decided to find a couple of eggs, but sister found most of his for him.

St. George April 11 - 15, 2010:
Alex's dad had a 10-day vacation in April, so we packed up the car and headed South hoping to enjoy some warm sunny weather. It was nice to get away and just play!

Alex and his sister found the pool noodles. They didn't need the pool to find fun things to do with them around the house. I think the thing they liked the most was finding them and getting them back out right after I had put them away.

Here is Alex's Birthday picture. My handsome little stud!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Alex!!!

Today Alex turned 2! I can't believe how fast the last 2 years have gone by. Seems like yesterday we were living at Primary's waiting for the day that Alex would be able to come home for the first time.

We had a birthday party for Alex last Sunday. All the kids had a blast, there was lots of good food, and of course Aunt Karen's wonderful birthday cakes. Alex had a blast running and playing, and opening his presents (of course he had lots of help from big sister and a couple of cousins).

Alex loved putting his money in his new piggy bank!

Cousin Jarrett was sitting patiently to the side waiting for a time he could help open presents!

Having fun playing around with big brothers, Andrew and Conner!

Isn't he adorable??

Alex's last cardiology visit was on February 25th. He goes every 8 weeks now for visits, and we are happy that he is doing so good that we can space his visits that far. Alex is still slowly gaining weight, but it is going up. That's all we can ask for I guess. Everything looks good with Alex, he received the perfect heart and there are no concerns and nothing his doctors are even watching for that could become a concern.
Alex -- Mommy and Daddy are so proud of how big you are getting, how smart you are becoming, and how wonderful you are doing. You are truly our little miracle. We are grateful for all you have taught us and all you have given to our family during your first 2 years. We look forward to watching you grow bigger and learn even more. Keep that smile on you face buddy! We love you so much Alex!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Finally -- 3rd Percentile --YAY!!!

Alex did it, finally! He has gained enough weight to put him on the growth chart. Alex had his cardiology appointment last Wednesday, and he now weighs in at 22 lbs 9 oz. He gained more than a pound from the last appointment. As you may or may not know, Alex has been struggling to gain weight since he pulled his feeding tube out last February. Over the last couple of months his weight gain has been getting better, gaining more and more between each of our cardiology check-ups. I guess all those days I spent in the pantry giving him what he asks for are paying off. I'm just happy he likes some healthy food mixed in with all the junk food he eats. As for the rest of his appointment, everything looks good. They have zero concerns with his heart; it is beating happy and healthy inside of him.

I know it's been a while since the last update of any kind, so here are some of the highlights of Alex's summer/fall/winter:

JUNE 2009 - We took the family on a mini-vacation to St. George. Alex experienced a couple of firsts - first time swimming and first hair cut. We had lots of fun hanging out, relaxing, swimming, and eating.

JULY 2009 - 4th of July trip to Mesquite, NV. We had wanted to getaway for the 4th of July. Alex loved it. He had a better time in the pool, started splashing in the water. He loved being able to run around the hotel room, and down the hallway with his cousin. Also in July, Alex celebrated his One Year Heart Transplant Anniversary.

AUGUST 2009 - Outside summer fun, including playing in Grandpa's water fountain. He liked to splash the water and see how wet he could make himself and Grandpa. He also liked taking walks with Grandpa, playing on sister's bike and little car. He loved being outside so much that most days we would have to bring him inside for the night kicking and screaming.

OCTOBER 2009 - Halloween! Alex was dressed as a farmer. We ran out of time to get him a costume, so I had to improvise with what we had. He was the cutest little thing. He even got the hang of trick or treating. He would hold out his bucket to get his candy. But instead of saying "Thank you" he blew kisses.

NOVEMBER 2009 - Thanksgiving! I think to him it was just another day, but he enjoyed all the good food. I felt extremely blessed that day to have my little guy home with us, healthy and happy.

DECEMBER 2009 - Christmas! Alex was a blast this year. I taught him to say "Ho Ho Ho!" He would get a huge smile whenever he said it. He loved all the Christmas decorations around the house. He was a good boy, and stayed away from the presents. I was worried he would open them as soon as they were under the tree. On Christmas day it didn't take long for him to get that he got to open the presents and was ready and eager to go.

Alex had a wonderful, happy, healthy year. We are so blessed that Alex received a heart that is completely compatible with him, and we didn't have any problems during the year. We think about his donor family daily and the greatest gift in the world that they gave us. I'm excited for what is to come this year - 2nd Birthday, 2nd Heart Transplant Anniversary, new adventures, and lots of learning.

Watch for pictures from all the summer fun and Christmas coming in the next couple of days!