Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alex 2 Year Transplant Anniversary

Sunday was Alex's 2 Year Heart Transplant Anniversary. I can't believe it has been 2 years. Where has the time gone? Two years ago my sweet little boy receive his gift of life, and he has not wasted a minute of it. He may only be 2 years old but he lives it to the fullest. Alex is full of life and energy and is always laughing and smiling.

Alex -- Mommy loves you so much. You surprise me everyday with the new things you are learning and how much you enjoy life. We feel so blessed that you were given a new perfect heart that has allowed you to become the little man you have.

Along with celebrating Alex's Heart Anniversary, we also celebrated Alex's big brother Drew's Birthday. After we enjoyed Aunt Karen's wonderful, cute cakes (Thank you Aunt Karen -- they were yummy!) we headed outside to play and take turns swinging at the pinata. Below are a couple of pictures from Sunday night playing outside.

Alex up to bat! Daddy watching Alex go down the slide.
Alex is ready to play ball!
Alex goes in tomorrow morning for his 2 year post-transplant cath. Please pray with us that everything goes smoothly and his biopsy results come back with zero rejection.

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Hope's Blog said...

Happy Heart Anniversary! What a wonderful day. Praying the cath goes well.