Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Third Times a Charm??

Or so I hope.

I know there is lots to update, but just a quick note for now. Please pray for Alex that he does not get sick from now to Oct. 6th. Oct. 6th will be the third time I have scheduled his annual biopsy cath lab appt. The two previous times he came down with the common cold and he was admitted to Primary's because of it. Please keep him in your prayers so we can make it to that date healthy.

I promise soon I will update with what's been going on and tons of pictures!!!!

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Alysia said...

he and Grace are both having their biopsies right now! we will keep you guys in our prayers! Grace's biopsy is this weekend! craziness. I hope Alex gets better soon, those darn colds. :(
we miss seeing you guys as well and hope everything is going well for you guys and Alex's special heart. :)